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Dear MESS Members, Donors, & Friends,


Thank you for your support of Mise-En-Scène Studios and our efforts to create a home for young, world-class artists and young arts audiences in NYC.

In the past two short years, MESS is proud to have created performing work for over 90 artists and administrative/production work for many more, provided an entrypoint for millennials to access and engage with classical music, and sought a sustainable model for the presentation of the performing arts. We have always paid our artists on time and in full, and have created a space that these artists could call home.

Our capital-heavy model required significant ongoing fundraising efforts that, in recent critical months, have not been successful. Unfortunately, there is nothing to suggest that our near- or long-term fundraising efforts would break this pattern and succeed, especially not for the number of years necessary to bring MESS to sustainability. For these reasons, our Board of Directors has voted unanimously to dissolve Mise-En-Scène Studios.

We thank you all for being a part of MESS and valued, passionate members of our artistic community. If you are a MESS member on an automatically recurring $9 monthly plan, these plans will be canceled effective May 19, 2019 and you will not be rebilled. If you have purchased an automatically recurring $99 annual membership, you will not be rebilled. We ask that you consider generously donating the unused portion of your membership to MESS, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and recommend consulting your accountant regarding the tax-deductibility of this amount. If you would like to know exactly what this amount is, or to request a refund for this unused portion, please email us at info@messnyc.com by May 31 and we will certainly do our best to take care of you.

Please continue your love and advocacy for art and artists - the world needs them and YOU!


Ben & Lachlan

MESS co-founders